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10 x A8C

On a quiet Saturday this past weekend, I passed my ten-year anniversary of working at Automattic (A8C). If you’d told me a decade ago that I’d still be working here – and even more, still liking what I do – I truly don’t think I would have believed you!

Over the last ten years I’ve become friends with colleagues from around the world. We’ve gone on adventures in helicopters, planes, boats, busses, and subways. Partaken in meals and cocktails in Panama, Portland (both Oregon and Maine!), Lisbon, Barcelona, and beyond. Shared our lives and supported each other, most importantly.

In my daily work, I’ve witnessed countless WordPress users’ lightbulb moments, receiving thank yous ranging from the brief to the heartfelt. And who can forget the guy who wrote me an unforgettable song about CSS!

I’ve mentored new public speakers and given talks on topics I’m passionate about, from Hawaii to Halifax. Taken advantage of opportunities to grow, stretch, and put my skills to use on new projects and new teams. Enjoyed the time off I needed, whether to recharge my batteries over a week-long vacation or gain new perspectives during a three-month sabbatical.

Long story short: I felt lucky the day I was hired full-time, and I still feel lucky today. Thank you, A8C.

I take terrible selfies but I’m kind of fond of this one

5 replies on “10 x A8C”

Happy 10 years, dear pal! Thanks for paving the way for folks like me to join after you and for being so consistently wonderful throughout these last decade. What a gift to work alongside you.

So happy for you, Ms. Happiness Engineer!! And I’m impressed by anyone who’s been to Hawaii – twice! And Australia – twice! And all those other places, truly remarkable. Yay!

Happy 10th, KP!

I hugely benefited from your help in my earlier days in the forums. Thank you so much for your continued help and guidance.

Here’s to many more years at Automattic.

I have only had the pleasure to work closely with you for a few months so far but you’re the absolute best, KP. You are inspiring, knowledgeable and extremely generous but also very down to earth. To many more years working together!

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