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Learn about Kathryn Presner’s public-speaking and workshop experience.

I deeply enjoy sharing WordPress and other tech knowledge in ways that inspire and enlighten. I delight in witnessing beginners’ “lightbulb” moments, as they start to understand concepts and techniques that were previously confusing or fuzzy. Along with giving presentations and workshops, I’m a frequent mentor at Ladies Learning Code, on topics from HTML, CSS, and responsive design to Photoshop and WordPress. Helping new public speakers gain confidence and overcome apprehensions is another passion, which I accomplish through in-person and remote workshops.

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Kathryn Presner speaking at WordCamp Montreal.
Kathryn Presner speaking at WordCamp Montreal 2015. Photo courtesy Elida Arrizza

Video & Slides

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  • View decks on Slideshare
  • Watch me present From Shadows to Limelight: How Women Found Their Voice At WordCamp Montreal at WordCamp US 2016:
  • Watch me present The Techie Continuum at WordCamp US 2015:
  • Watch me present How To Jazz Up Your WordPress Site Without a Lick O’ Code at WordCamp San Francisco 2013:

Selected Topics


  • Don’t Fear the Forums: Lessons from the WordPress support community
  • CSS Secrets for Beginners
  • From Shadows to Limelight – How Women Found Their Voice At WordCamp Montreal
  • The Techie Continuum
  • So You Want to Be a WordCamp Speaker (2.5-hr. workshop) – see companion site, Get Speaking!
  • WordPress Essentials for Beginners (2-hr. workshop)
  • A CSS Adventure
  • Getting Comfortable With Child Themes (either half-hour talk or 2-hr. practical workshop)
  • Wild About Widgets
  • Supporting Your Themes While Staying Sane
  • How To Jazz Up Your WordPress Site Without a Lick O’ Code
  • Help Me Help You: The art and science of getting good WordPress support
  • Passionate About Plugins
  • Take Control of Your Templates with WordPress Conditionals
  • A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress (developed and often presented with Shannon Smith)

Not WordPress

  • Get Speaking: Tackling the tales we tell ourselves about public speaking
  • Not Even Remotely Typical: Automattic’s Distributed Workplace
  • Business Boosters: 10 practical ways to improve online traffic and increase customers
  • Website Success: Essential strategies to get the most from your online presence*
  • Deadly Website Sins that Can Kill Your Business… And How to Avoid Them*
  • Optimizing Your Website: Strategies for Online Success*
  • Put Newsletters & Blogs to Work for Your Business*

*with A.C. Riley

Kathryn in front of a whiteboard with "good" and "not great". In background "Welcome to Global Diversity CFP Day"
Kathryn Presner teaching public speaking at Global Diversity CFP Day in Montreal. Photo courtesy Eva Blue

Selected Events

Speaking at WordCamp Toronto 2014
Kathryn Presner speaking at WordCamp Toronto 2014. Photo courtesy Luca Sartoni

Twitter Feedback

  • @thabotswana “I always love listening to @zoonini’s presentations! She’s very good at what she does – CSS Secrets for Beginners #wcus”
  • @michelleames .@zoonini gives us amazing CSS info and how it’s easy to do in #WordPress at #WCUS
  • ‏@CaseyMAJones “Super helpful session, thank you @zoonini! #WCHFX”
  • @CatherineCw “Thanks for the great workshop and all the resources! #WCHFX”
  • @Ephox “Flatter-nagging is a valuable skill for any @WordcampUS organizer 🙂 -Kathryn Presner #WCUS”
    flatter nagging
  •  ‏@mmizejewski “Inspiring talk by @zoonini about empowering women speakers. This is why I ❤ #WordPress! #wcus”
  •  ‏@SpinBird “@zoonini killed it about #women in #WordPress #wcus”
  • @owlpacino “This is a supportive community rather than a competitive, individualistic one.” -Great talk on inclusion by @zoonini #WCUS – at WordCamp US 2016
  • @raisaroo “Another great talk. Hope it inspires many into public speaking. #mtlgg #googlemontreal”
  • @edesaulniers “Thanks for the inspiring talk @zoonini ! #wcus”
  • ‏@McDwayne “Such a great talk with so many great quotes, too many to tweet here, just see slides: @zoonini #wcus”
  • ‏@andreazoellner “Another super polished presentation by @zoonini !!! I hope the #wcus crowd takes your tips to ❤️. #wcmtl represent!”
  • @IlhamLmissaoui “Great tips for #publicspeaking 😊 interesting talk! Thanks @MTLGirlGeeks @zoonini @GoogleMontreal”
  • @suziegardner “Sitting in a room full of people discussing imposter syndrome is pretty damn therapeutic. Thanks, @zoonini. ❤️ #WCMTL”
  • @in_a_pinch “Really loved @zoonini’s talk – I struggle with calling myself a techie too. My 3 wk support rotation @automattic helped 🙂 #wcus”
  • @mysweetcate “Great reminder from @zoonini that we all know something someone else doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to help.  Be willing to give back. #WCUS”
  • @helloLesleyK “Really appreciated @zoonini’s talk on helping out in the #Wordpress community. Not everyone knows everything you do – you CAN help! #wcus”
  • @rkoffy “Wish I could fav each slide in that deck!”
  • @jgamboa “Great talk by @zoonini on how to get good @WordPress support. #wcyvr”
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  • @camden_design “Thanks for such a helpful talk today at Word Camp #wcme15”
  • @AngieMc6 “Thank you for your presentation, Kathryn! Glad to know I can place conditions on my widgets 😀 #presspublish”
  • @HeidiWeinmann “thanks for demystifying some of the more  obscure features of widgets #presspublish”
  • @ctully26 “Fascinating session, Kathryn! Still reeling.”
  • @AngieMc6 “I’m blowing up with energy and possibilities! #presspublish
  • @JoshuaEddings “Design 101: Customize at #presspublish – good stuff!”
  • @wysiwygjt “Truly my favorite feature about widgets is the ability to hide/show them on certain pages. #presspublish Thanks @zoonini for a great talk!”
  • @NatalieDutil “Great intro to WordPress by @zoonini at @YESMontreal! Definitely friendly and easily digestible info #womenintech”
  • @antoniancu @zoonini “Great talk! Second time i see it and still learning new things.”
  • @gwenzez “When why and how to use child themes with @zoonini Learning so much! #WCTO #wordpress”
  • @JanetBarclay “Thanks @zoonini for the great info! Neither too basic nor too technical. #WCTO”
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  • @megankellly “Nice job! The child themes seem totally approachable!”
  • @martha: “Cracking us up within the first 5 minutes AND no code involved in the skill she’s teaching us, @zoonini is my new BFF! #wcsf”
  • @HaikuDeck: “Currently loving @zoonini’s charming slides at #wcsf #nicelydone”
  • @Sally_K: “Great presentation about WP plugins by @zoonini Thank you! #wcsf #wordcampsf WordPress women rock!”
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  • @CaronSue: “Thank you for your great presentation this morning. I’m excited to get started with WordPress! #pcto2012 Really enjoyed your presentation style…concise, informative and very natural!
  • @kevincpmak: “Thanks for the useful session today! I’m going to try out some of the plugins you have recommended! #pcto2012”
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  • @ataner: “#wcto2010 The wordpress for newbies was cute :)”
  • @elisabethbucci: “This was a great presentation at WordCamp Montreal 2010. Thanks so much for putting it together!”

Feedback on Getting Comfortable with Child Theming workshop at WordCamp Ottawa (June 2016) and WordPress Montreal Community Meetup (November 2016)

  • This was excellent. Thanks so much to Kathryn for hosting this useful and valuable workshop!
  • Great workshop ! I learned a lot tonight. Thanks everyone who contributed to the event. Specal thanks to [TAs] Richard and Sonia.Thank you for giving me the help and encouragement.
  • Well paced to let us figure stuff out.
  • Great workshop! Amazing suppot staff! Superb team! I will have to go over it a few times to work it but learned a lot and will use it.
  • Really great workshop. Wow, I feel like I learned a lot. Great speaker.
  • This, along with setting up my own server, is what I most wanted to learn about, so highly valuable!
  • So much great info. And fantastic live support.
  • Extremely helpful, thank you! Great to have extra TAs circulating.
  • Good pace and great explanation.
  • Detailed and speaker was excellent and clear.
  • Everything was laid out in the slides and well explained.

Anonymous Survey Feedback on “WordPress Essentials for Beginners” workshop at YES Montreal, December 2014

  • Kathryn was an excellent presenter and gave a good combination of high-level and deep dives for a well-rounded seminar. She was very flexible at adapting her flow to the posed questions, and also knowing when to cut things short due to time or inability to succinctly answer questions in this forum. Very professional! I will definitely attend/recommend your other events.
  • I can strongly recommend your series to other persons. It was really well done.
  • A great introduction to WordPress with easily digestible information. I felt I could walk away and really start something.