Lightbulb Moments

When I talk about helping people learn WordPress, I use the phrase “lightbulb moments” a lot. One of my favourite things is watching people have those flashes of clarity as they suddenly understand things that were only fuzzy before.

Which is why, when I get a reply like this in the WordPress support forums, my heart goes a little fluttery.

Wow, you just taught me more in the last 30 seconds than I’ve learned in the last month. It’s like a lightbulb just turned on. Thank you!

You’re very welcome. And here’s to the next lightbulb moment in your WordPress journey.

stuffed creature holding lightbulb
Photo (cc) by Aaronth

One reply on “Lightbulb Moments”

Haha! I can relate – that’s how I felt when I realized – after deleting a widget 3 times, only to see it still there when I went to look at my home page again – that I have to REFRESH!! Arghh! 😀

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