Twenty Twenty in 2020

New theme, who dis?

I’ve finally done it. As a chronic late adopter it did take me forever, but I finally changed themes on this site, which is now running Twenty Twenty, the latest WordPress default theme. It’s going to take me a while to get used to – I’ve been running my beloved Writr since first launching the blog in 2013 – but it was overdue, so here we are.

I also switched over to the block editor – aka Gutenberg – another embarrassingly late move to the modern WordPress world.

It’s been a good “empathy exercise.” As a full-time Happiness Engineer helping users build and customize their sites, it’s so easy for me to tell someone, “Go ahead and switch themes, it’ll be fine!” or “Oh yeah, activate the block editor, you’ll love it!”

Doing it myself is another story.

But… it’s been alright so far. No, really! OK, I’ve already encountered two small visual bugs that I’ll report when I’m back at work, but that’s what dogfooding is for, isn’t it?

Speaking of bugs, if you spot anything amiss, do feel feel free to let me know. In the meantime, I hope you like the new look.

May 2020 be good to you all, whether you decide to shake things up or not.

6 replies on “Twenty Twenty in 2020”

Love the font!
The theme looks quite basic here on my phone. Will say more when I’m on my computer.
Good for you for making (relatively) prodigious changes! I know change isn’t easy, so you’re setting a very good example! Yay, Kathryn!!

I had switched to the block editor and I switched back. It didn’t provide the look I was after. Moreover, I prefer less code. Most the time I write the code by hand and don’t even use an editor. Switching themes is another thing. I use Olson and like the post slider. I used the Label, and liked its slider. There are some new themes that I like, but they don’t have the slider. So they have no chance. I think when you are happy with a scheme you should stay with it until you find one that you like even better. Just changing for the change sake makes no sense.

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