Mi español

You are like a muscle
That’s atrophied
But still part of my body
And mind

Or maybe more like a
Buried treasure
Deep down
Or deep up
In my brain
(Or maybe my soul?)

I’m working the muscle
Exercising it even though
Sometimes it hurts

Less often do I start to say something en español
And finish en français
Languages are a funny thing

The journey back to you is a little rough
But I’m finding my way, slowly

Some frustration
A lot of laughter
Need more patience

spray painted letters: "más poesía x la ciudad"
Ciudad de Panamá

4 replies on “Mi español”

I can relate. I get something similar when I try to speak Basque, after 20 years living away from my birth place. No sabía que hablabas español, podemos practicar 🙂

Oh, it’s totally unrelated to Spanish, Latin or even the preindoeropean family! If you are interested, check out this video:

Claro, podemos practicar!

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