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Two weeks ago, my colleague Marjorie asked if I’d be interested in helping run a webinar for small businesses, with tips on getting the most out of their website. She knew I’d done a lot of public speaking and thought I might be interested. Even though we wouldn’t have a lot of time to prepare, it took me all of three seconds to accept.

Fast forward to yesterday, when my colleague Steve Dixon and I presented a one-hour online workshop called Optimize Your Business Website: Secrets from Web Design Pros. Topics included essential pages for business sites, layout templates, the WordPress block editor, and what it takes to optimize a site so it’s both easy to find in search engines – and easy for visitors to use. We also looked at how to make sure your site is both accessible and mobile-friendly, along with a few different ways to take online bookings and payments.

The video is already up on Automattic’s YouTube channel, so feel free to check it out:

Demo Sites

Chez Sophie and Casey & Finnegan Therapy


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For any business owner, freelancer, entrepreneur, or anyone interesting in building an online business or side gig. This free webinar from web design pros will teach you tips on site design, SEO, monetization, and mobile optimization.

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I’m biased since I helped organize this, but regardless, if you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or would-be entrepreneur, you’ll benefit from the quick and easy tips offered by my colleagues Steve and Kathryn on how to optimize your small business website.

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A few of my amazing coworkers recorded this great webinar about setting up and optimizing your business website on

I think it is very well worth your time. Check this out!

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