A CSS Adventure

If you have a WordPress site you’d like to tweak the look and feel of — but you aren’t sure how — you might like to check out my CSS Adventure presentation from this year’s WordCamp Montreal. During the 40-minute session, I walk you through the basics of using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to make small changes in the design of a site. Follow along with the accompanying workshop site and demo site.

Very special thanks to my colleague Michelle Langston, who originally co-developed this workshop with me.

5 replies on “A CSS Adventure”

Interesting talk, thank you. I have to admit that a lot of it was somewhat beyond me, but I shall bookmark this for reference and investigate further when I have time to follow it on the workshop site. Can all these CSS alterations be applied to the free themes, because I have been having problems adding a photo background to the posts on my site?

Have been putting off watching this video thinking it is only going to cover the basics which I thought I already know. But finally watched this video on the weekend.

Besides refreshing my CSS basics, I learned the trick about un-hiding the tagline. I usually come across users who want to have the tagline on their sites. I always thought we can’t show the tagline if the theme doesn’t display it by default. Great to learn that we can indeed un-hide the tagline.

Thanks for recording this session!

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